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Olathe's Future Growth with Marge Vogt


  • Over 200 miles of street preservation projects to be completed in 2021 and 2022
  • Complete preliminary design for 135th street and I-35 interchange improvements and begin to seek federal funding for construction
  • Continue with completion of stormwater projects to prevent flooding of our neighborhoods
  • Continued expansion of pedestrian and bicycle accommodations as outlined in the Transportation Master Plan


  • Adding 5 police detectives, 1 police sergeant, and 2 SROs in 2018/2019
  • Completion of equipping all patrol and first line police officers with body cameras
  • Adding 2 firefighters, 2 firefighter/paramedics, and 1 fire resource coordinator in 2018/2019
  • Planning for permanent location and construction of Fire Station 8

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Continue focusing on lowering the mill levy to provide property tax relief without a negative impact on the services that citizens need and desire
  • Converting all street lights to LEDs, resulting in a 60% energy savings
  • Continued conversion of public works vehicles to CNG which provides for energy savings and a clean environment
  • Seeking county, state and federal cost sharing for capital improvement projects

Quality of Life

  • Promote policies that support quality housing that is affordable and accessible
  • Complete the implementation of the Lake Olathe, Cedar Lake, and the Cedar Creek Trail Master Plan
  • Build the new downtown Library
  • Continued investment in the enhancing of the downtown area
  • Expand water and sewer infrastructure to meet the needs of the expanding population
  • Continue to complete stormwater projects to prevent flooding

Economic Development

  • Continue to expand and seek programs that foster business development
  • Continue a strong relationship with the Olathe Chamber of Commerce in seeking good corporate citizens, offering high quality jobs
  • Seek business development in the downtown area
  • Provide additional and varied housing in the downtown area